AFACT have a new (I think?) set of resources for teaching copyright to school kids.You can write your own copyright law (results of that might be interesting). You can even make your own anti-piracy ad! yay! (of course, people have been doing that for a while now… and here…. and here….) :)

I’ve yet to have a proper look, but as Tama Leaver comments:

I’ve never read an educational resource before which feels the need to include this disclaimer (p. 4.):

The resource is not a propaganda exercise. It does make clear to students that there are harmful consequences from film piracy, but it does so through educationally valid processes. It is an educational approach that allows students to face a significant civics and citizenship issue: their role in a society where many of them and their peers are breaking the law.

Actually, what this kind of warning tells me is that this area is really fraught, and that it’s really hard to be seen as treading the line between teaching and propaganda. I wonder who AFACT consulted with, and what testing they did, on this material before publication?