LawFont is a group blog dedicated to discussing issues with a tech and law flavour. Because of the nature of the subjects, and the bloggers, the discussion often flows into economics, policy, and the occasional bit of pure geekiness.

All of the contributors work in the law, with some element of tech mixed in. The blog reflects our multi-jurisdictional interests, too. (nb, you can limit the cases discussed to a particular jurisdiction such as the USA or UK by using the category tags to the right.)


  • Sarah has practised law in New York and in Sydney, where she now works in the media/telecommunications industry. She has a doctorate from Oxford, and undergraduate and law degrees from Harvard and Oxford.
  • Kim has worked as a lawyer in Sydney, and is currently a senior lecturer in law at the University of Queensland. She has masters degrees from Yale and Oxford, and undergraduate degrees from Sydney. From 2002-2006, Kim had her own Australia-focused IP/IT blog, Weatherall’s Law, which is no longer active. For more information about Kim, see her home page.
  • Ben works as a barrister in Sydney. He has a doctorate from Oxford, and undergraduate degrees from Sydney. He has worked as a judge’s associate (ie clerk) at the High Court of Australia, and as a solicitor (ie attorney) in Sydney. His contact details are lawfont at gmail dot com.
  • Susanne is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Law at the University of New South Wales. Susanne‚Äôs research interests include: communications regulation, particularly its intersection with national security law and policy; comparative media content regulation; administrative law; and public law. Susanne has practised as a solicitor in Sydney, and has worked as an in-house counsel in the broadcasting sector, where she specialized in regulatory affairs.

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