and all hell breaks loose, it seems. Sorry for the long radio silence: I’ve been on a research trip and not following things as closely as perhaps I should. A couple of general catch up notes:

  1. I would blog about the Internet Censorship material – I simply can’t believe that the Australian government is seriously wanting internet content filtering active in Australia – but to blog it would really be something of a waste – after all, there’s at least two other perfectly good sites for information about developments here: the wonderful Somebody Think of the Children, and of course, Dale Clapperton of the EFA and his Defending Scoundrels site and Irene Graham’s Libertus site. The EFA and others are doing good work on these issues. Want more? Go there!
  2. I would also blog about the IceTV case – it is, after all, one of the more significant ones lately to hit the High Court of Australia in copyright. However, it would probably be inappropriate to do so, since I’m a board member of one of the amicae that appeared in the case (the Australian Digital Alliance). I refer you to the AustLII transcripts of the hearing (Day 1, Day 2). I’ll comment once there is a judgment.
  3. ACTA developments continue. I was at a trade law conference in Washington last week and was surprised to hear a Deputy of the USTR endorse ACTA as one of the few “trade” agreements that could continue to move forward in this lame duck/pre-Obama time. I’ll have more to say on this in due course.

    And of course there’s the new case against an ISP for copyright infringement, noted in my last post. Can’t turn my back on you people, can I?