Taking a look through the LawFont log (as one does – it’s kind of like self-Googling – an attempt to make one feel important) I came across a link to LawFont from a website called “the rarest words“. This is their self-description:

What’s this? If you look at just the main pages of all sites in .com/.net/.org zones – you’ll see more than 17 millions words. Some of them got to be telling some interesting stories and that’s what we’re going to find out. Come back later when the system is really working (right now it’s more of a bunch of raw science stuff).

Basically, it lists some of the ‘rarest words’ that have been used on LawFont – as well as the most popular. Now, some of those ‘rarest words’ are typos or proper nouns – but take those away and you have some rather interesting words. Words that make it onto the ‘rarest’ list that we’ve used here on LawFont include:

  • outlandish
  • deterrence and deter (clearly the copyright owners need to do more work here)
  • overstated
  • inconvenient (what? people don’t talk about things being ‘inconvenient’? Or are they misspelling the word???)
  • fascinate (more people should use that word)
  • reprise
  • rumpus (what? no rumpuses online?)
  • adequately (ah, those adverbs)
  • econometric (yeah, that one is obscure :-))
  • repercussions (cool word)
  • disproportionate (a little surprising)
  • scoundrels (now there’s a word we should use more often, although I suspect that’s from Dale’s blog)
  • elucidated; and
  • terminate

Oh, and then there’s the embarrassing ones – like ‘resourced’, ‘lawish’ (we used that???). Very interesting.