Periodically there’s a debate about whether law profs should have the right to ‘turn off’ internet access in the classroom. I for one can certainly say that as a lecturer, I’m pretty confident I can tell broadly, which of the many students with laptops are tuned out, and at times, I do wish I could just switch it off.

Here’s the best argument I’ve seen though for turning off the wireless – basically, it makes it much less fun, and much more demoralising for the lecturer if students sit and surf. And that means everyone suffers, because a demoralised lecturer is – well, not fun.

Of course the answer is ‘be more interesting!!! and they’ll listen’. Yes, to a degree, but I’m not entirely convinced. After all, can you really fascinate all of the students all of the time? I’ve sat in the most amazing lectures and still seen people checking the old email/facebook/youtube.