Hat tip to Michael Napthali: this – from the educational show ‘Behind the News’ – is what kids are being taught about copyright law in Australia:

You’ll soon be allowed to tape your favourite tv program to watch at another time. But you have to delete the recording after one use. You are not allowed to give the recording to a friend. They can come over and watch the program with you, but they can’t take it home.

With MP3s, you can copy your music collection from CDs and other formats to MP3 players. You can even make a compilation CD of all your favourite songs from CDs you own, as long as you put them on a different format, like MP3. But you’re not allowed to share your compilation with a friend, although they can listen to it with you.

The laws are designed to crack down on people who make profit from piracy.’

L.O.L. It’s mostly accurate (the ‘watch once’ condition I don’t think is there). But do you think that this will make any sense at all to kids?