Now we’ve all had a bit of time to digest the government’s TPM Exposure Draft, it’s time for a few more comments and thoughts.

My last post on this was very much an initial ‘cut’ – comments after a fairly short period of reading and thinking and trying to piece the whole thing together. It was written by a lawyer, like a lawyer – testing the text for inconsistencies, issues etc. Of course, that made it one of those posts which is just really difficult to read for everyone else. Despite a couple of years of blogging now, sometimes, I still find it hard to write right, right?

It’s time for a different approach. With submissions on the Exposure Draft due next week, I imagine there are at least a few people out there thinking – well, ok, but what does it all mean for me? I want to look at the Exposure Draft from the perspective of a few different groups who might be interested:

  1. Consumers
  2. Educational Institutions
  3. Galleries, Archives, Cultural Institutions
  4. Governments (State/Federal);
  5. Media organisations/broadcasters; and
  6. Programmers and geeks, especially of the open source variety.

These posts will come. Most immediately, we’ll start with consumers.