From IP Australia’s news service:

‘The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), Australia’s pre-eminent national crime and criminal justice research agency, is currently conducting a study in relation to intellectual property crime and enforcement in Australia. As part of this research, the AIC is collecting data on the extent to which intellectual property (IP) crime exists and its impact. The research will identify options for the Federal Government’s response to piracy and counterfeiting in the future.

If you wish to assist in this research by providing your informed views on the type, amount and impact of IP crime in Australia, we invite you to contact Alex Malik a consultant researcher with the AIC by August 4, 2006, at In your note, please tell us about yourself and your organisation, and explain why you believe you may be able to contribute to this research.

It appears that all they want to know about for the moment is who you are and what information you have: presumably if you want to provide information, you’ll have some time to do it after this rather short deadline…