Just a short note to let you know: we’ve been getting a lot of comment spam over the last few days (and many, many other blogs are experiencing the same). It appears to be part of a concerted new effort by spammers (mostly sellers of dodgy pharmaceuticals), who are starting to find ways around the most common anti-spam protection. Fortunately, the setup we use at LawFont has let only a handful of this trash actually show (about 2%), but very many are getting caught behind the scenes, requiring time and effort to clean up.

I’m going to take action over the next couple of days to try to prevent any more getting through. I think I can do it without breaking anything, but if anyone experiences any problems accessing the site or posting comments over the week ahead, please drop me a line at lawfont at gmail dot com. I also have a few other tweaks and upgrades planned, which I will try to roll out over the coming few months (work permitting).