It looks like the SCO litigation is hotting up a little. IBM has reportedly issued subpoenas to Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Sun and BayStar Capital in relation to their dealings with SCO.

As always, GrokLaw has the full story and copies of the various subpoenas (including in text form).

The most interesting one is the subpoena to BayStar, which was SCO’s financial backer in the litigation for a while. It looks to be very broad, going after all aspects of their relationship with SCO, investment in it and communications with it. Of note, para 7 specifically goes after BayStar/Microsoft communications regarding SCO, IBM or the litigation.

It seems to tie into paras 9 and 10 of the Microsoft subpoena, which looks designed to shake out any evidence of any co-operation between them and SCO; as some may remember, Microsoft’s purchase of multi-million dollars worth of licences from SCO in 2003 attracted a fair amount of conspiracy theory-like coverage at the time (see these PracticalTech and Microsoft Watch posts from 2003).

All most interesting. I am waiting for the book about the litigation…