No, copying your CDs isn’t legal (yet). But Sony has come to the party, announcing that it will make its catalogue available through Apple’s Australian iTunes music store. Good news indeed.

And in other iPod news:

‘UK-based Selfridges has opened an iPod school an upmarket part of London, even though the manufacturer does it for free in its shop just round the corner.Clueless music lovers who have embraced the trendy new technology but not the know-how can pay 65 pounds ($150) for a 40-minute lesson at Selfridges, on the popular Oxford Street shopping haunt.’

That bit’s rather amusing, but what interested me was this snippet in the news story:

‘Selfridges set up a so-called SpeedPod service in December last year, in which CDs are loaded on to the music players for a fee

Of course, since you’re at Weatherall’s Law, you know the question, right? Is this legal? (Of course, it wouldn’t be here (yet)).