I previously posted about how Harvey Danger released their new album for free on P2P. Well, I have finally had time to listen to it, and I really like it. Enough, in fact, that I’m going to go and purchase the CD to support them in their decision, in the hope they (and others) will do it in future.

Given how little I get to listen to the radio, I am sure I would not have listened to the songs had I not been able to download them to try out. And, although they’re different from what I was expecting (having only heard “Flagpole Sitta” before), I am impressed enough that I will now actually check out their back catalogue. The songs are really good; the lyrics are exceptionally clever, and there are some great melodies in there. Of particular note are “Wine, Women and Song”, “Moral Centralia”, and the slightly unusual but compelling “Little Round Mirrors”.

The only problem is that my (very limited) searches to date can’t seem to find a store that stocks it (perhaps it’s not yet out in Oz??), so may need to pay a trip to Amazon – Harvey Danger – Little by Little.