Another noteworthy IP blog: US Academic Raymond Nimmer. While he’s not a frequent poster (maybe once a month), the posts are interesting, if only because he promulgates a very articulate version of the pro-IP stance.

So far, there’s a couple of interesting posts – one in particular on what he calls ‘rights-restrictive’ versus ‘rights-protective’ stances.

Of course, I disagree with some of the views he is putting forward: the idea that digital technology has tipped the balance all one way (against rights-owners) is not sustainable, I think, and he conveniently ignores the fact that copyright law has been expanding to cover ‘temporary copies’ that had no equivalent in the offline world. Even William Patry has railed against this expansion – here, and here. Nevertheless, if you want to see the ‘protective’ (I would say, also, expansive the way that he puts it) stance put in an articulate way, it’s worth a visit.