I’ve added two links to the blogroll as part of a general clean up of the Weatherall’s Law blogroll.

First, I discovered another (yet another) blog today that is worth keeping an eye on, at least sometimes – particularly if you are interested in open content, open licensing, open source, and/or if you are interested in eDemocracy issues.

It’s called the Cairns Blog and it has nothing to do with Queensland. ‘Cairns’ comes from the Cairns project, which refers to those piles of rocks people put on walking trails – as their site describes it, ‘stone monuments to mark the path and collectively navigate new territory’.

A key reason for keeping an eye on this blog, I think, is that you can keep up with posts by Beth Noveck. Professor Noveck (Associate Professor of Law, New York Law School) has a long history in information technology, e-democracy, innovation, and the relationship between technological design and civil liberties. She has a very impressive cv. I like to read Professor Noveck’s stuff because she comes from a perspective that is not purely legally bound – she has what I think is an interesting broader perspective. And the Cairns Project looks kind of interesting to me.

I’ve added a link to the blogroll.

I’ve also added another link I should have added some time ago – to Professor Michael Madison’s blog, madisonian.net. I go there for, well,interesting thoughts on some of the current issues in this space. It’s not the standard news-reporting blog, but a source of some collected thoughts, and well worth the occasional visit.