Well might they call him ‘uber-copyfighter’. The amazing Michael Geist (and no, I’m not just saying that because I’m currently enjoying his hospitality in Ottawa) has today launched In the Public Interest: The Future of Canadian Copyright Law.

This is quite a book. In essence, it was created/coordinated by Michael Geist in anticipation of the tabling of the Canadian copyright reform bill, C-60. Bill C-60 is the Canadian copyright reform bill, a key part of which is implementation of the WIPO Copyright Treaty. The Bill covers such topical issues as:

  • ISP liability for copyright infringement
  • anti-circumvention laws
  • the right of ‘making available’
  • performers’ rights
  • the extension of library/educational exceptions to the digital environment.

Michael’s book is a timely addition to this debate, and an amazing achievement. The whole thing was put together in approximately 8 weeks or so: with writing, peer review, and publication. The chapters are individually downloadable and are published under a Creative Commons license. It contains scholarship from 19 or so Canadian Copyright professors, and is now available in time for committee hearings on Bill C-60.

Impressed? You should be. Geist’s blog is a regular must-read