May 2006

A recent New York Times article alerted me to the existence of, an excellent source of free podcasts.

The Times article focused on podcasts as travel guides, typically more personal than the typical travel book. PodcastAlley is definitely worth a good look by anyone interested in podcasting.

Those of us who have a tendency to place high importance on free speech, and fair dealing, and transformation of existing creative material sometimes discount the very real interests of authors to control the outputs of their own creative impulses. In some respects, the submission of the National Association for the Visual Arts in the Attorney-General’s Fair Use Review is a useful reminder of the other side.

If you need another useful reminder – or maybe just some food for thought – head on over to Mike Madison’s post on what sounds like an extremely interesting panel presenting the conflict in terms of real people. He describes a panel at a conference where an appropriative artist and a photographer, got up on the same stage to defend their views and approaches.

Well, well, well – haven’t we all been painting the town purple this last couple of weeks! We’ve had the decisions of Justice Heerey on evidence in passing off/s 52 a little while ago, then last week his Honour’s final decision holding that Darrell Lea had not passed off its goods as Cadburys, nor confused nor misled consumers through use of the colour purple.

Now, IP Australia have put online their decision (watch it – 59 page pdf) in Darrell Lea’s opposition to Cadbury’s application to register a trade mark for the colour purple for chocolate. And while Darrell Lea have succeeded in opposing the registration, IP Australia have ruled that Cadbury can get a narrower registration for their colour purple for block chocolate and boxed chocolates. (more…)

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